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What if economic hierarchies are not vertical, but horizontal?

What if the Securitized Trusts (aka REMIC Trusts) Never Received the Assets for the Bonds they sold to the Certificateholders?

What if the "loan modification" you did was accepted under the belief the parties doing this had authority to modify the terms of the original promissory note. however, the reality was that the parties were placing you in an entirely "new" debt obligation? 

If "Fiat Money" is a money substitute & backed on the promise of the Government that issues it based on the Gross Domestic Product of the Country, what is "Cryptocurrency" based or backed on?

What if you "paid off" a debt obligation and then discovered that "debts" can NEVER be "paid off" in a "fiat money" society, only "discharged" AND you are lawfully responsible to determine and pay the proper party CREDITOR in the first place?

what if the resolution to your challenge is based solely on the "business modeL" of your representative & not their title?

what if "student loans" were designed to keep you in debt your entire working life?

What if the difference between "truth" and "fiction" was that "fiction" has to make sense?

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