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Let's Take Another Look At

Real Property Buying & Selling

[...this is a "live writing©®" which means it grows everyday and is a "connect the dots" reality of buying and selling real property...]

In 2007 our team (people of individual efforts) was well diversified in the real property community (development, single family dwellings, multi-family dwellings, commercial and industrial properties).  In 2009 I personally lost 2.5 million dollars in "value and ownership" in a matter of 30 calendar days.  None of our team of professionals could understand what happened and why.

Investments in the real property community was supposed to be a sound and secure long lasting portfolio.  It was always (generationally) touted as the biggest and best long term investment a "D2D" (Day-to-Day) person could make.  It was the "basis" of the American Dream.

However, here's what none of us understood about our own business and its' real foundation that manipulates its' existence.  Our participation, was nothing more than a "mosquito on a pond" economics.  We call our discovery "the Rise of the Ghost Claimants" and it's all about the continued greatest magic act in United States history. © ®  

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