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the UNIVERSAL SOCIAL CONDITIONING that ACCEPTs FINANCIAL ACTS AS "SEPARATE & UNRELATED" DIVIDES INFORMATION AND CREATES A FOUNDATION FOR THE OBFUSCATION OF OWNERSHIP. ownership is the basis of an asset valuation.  we the people are unable to control the direction of any business model without verifying the base asset ownership interest.  

- Dr. Finnucci

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Part of the ADM Group mandate is to perfect the understanding of "ownership" (aka the business of debt).  To clearly identify who has the "rights, title and interests" in the property (whatever the property is) so that we only "pay" one time for one product and we only pay the entity that has a right to enforce and collect.

TITLE is ownership.  It is the "lawful" link between a person who owns property and the property itself.  This is commonly evidenced by "A Chain of Title".  A Chain is the bridge in ownership, getting you from one side of the shore to the other.  There will always be those who will "skip stones across the water to get to the other side"  the stone may or may not make it, but the bridge always will.

One of our bridges is to create "money and debt" information and give it away through the "non-profit" group.  The non-profit is education.  Education about money and debt and how we use it in our Day-to-Day environment.  The non-profit connects the dots to how money and money-substitutes work.  Stay tuned for the endless source to bridges for achievement.  

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“DEBT” is the “basis” of our currency system.  It is the essence of “social control”.  The “controllers” seek not to gain currency, but to gain control of the basis of the currency and to gain from what the need for currency creates.  

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