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So, you must be asking yourself how is it that MERS, Inc. creates this transfer document and gives (via assignment of DOT) a "lien interest" to unknown parties? 


How is it that MERS, Inc. operates without the necessary approval of it's Principal who went out of business 7 years before this document was created and recorded? 

Who is this entity MERS, Inc.?  We're glad you finally asked (see "Who is MERS" link for more detail).

  • In 1999, a Corporation named MERS was created.  Its purpose was to track real property transactions without having to record them and pay tax on every transaction.  This intention was good but created its own inherent problems for the Land Title Registries throughout the United States.  All but eviscerating TITLE as a Monetary Constant and the 9th Circuit Court of the United States DOES NOT consider the MERS tracking record, a definitive document for proof of rights.



  • As of the published information from MERS (2010) they control 65 Million Real Properties in one form or another.  With this claim comes the corresponding corruption of ownership validations for and of  “Owners-Record Titleholders” throughout the United States of America.



  • The use of MERS forever corrupted the public records systems for recording title and interests in real property. And yet those defective encumbrances remain in the public records as though MERS was real and the facts from the MERS platform were true.  Clearing the title problems and compensating victims of right to enforce claimant fraud, enabled by MERS, remains among the great challenges to all branches of government.

So, if this true how does the system let them continue to operate?  This of course is a very simple answer, MONEY!  And, don't forget what has just happened in our case is not really being done by MERS, Inc. the entity, but by MERS, Inc. Members who are using the "brand name" as a cloak.  Now back to the case at hand.

In our example, we experience MERS, Inc (the brand name) delivering (via ADOT) what they imply is their lien interest to a non-existent entity trustee and a non-existent entity trust (a standard Securitization setup).  This routine has happened and continues to happen throughout the Country. 


  • The magic act is based on a very simple procedure that attacks the conditioned belief system, "you borrowed money, you must pay it back".  

  • Because there is law that requires specific procedure to prove a beneficial interest claim in a subject property the “interloper community (IC)” created facially valid documents.  The "IC" knew the systems standard operating policies are based on functionally obsolete operations and procedures.  The "IC" used “branding acceptance”, "generic beliefs" and “volume” for their counterparts, knowing that constant revenue trumped a need for detail.  The posture, “no one will come to complain because they don't know what's missing”.  (See the "3-Party Debt Collector Business Models")

Americans don't understand the *debt crisis because they've been trained (cause and effect) to view the issue in terms of a series of separate, unrelated problems…Matt Taibbi, Implode-O-Meter

Now, we know that DD1 (CADOT) is created for misdirection and reliance on the fact that no one complains because they don't know what's missing. They rely on the "facially valid document" standard.


We've identified the majority of why "DD1" transfers nothing and effectively does nothing.  Notwithstanding, from this "DD1" the takeover of your shelter begins.




[Season 2, Episode 4]

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