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the bridge

In order to win your battles you must understand the war (challenge).  Be prepared to WIN THE WAR and do your best to minimize battles.  

That means you must understand all of the parts and all of the participants.  You must understand that you are not alone in this and there is help everywhere.  We will ALWAYS try to direct you to the most effective sources. 

The Basic 8 


  • Controlling Any Debt Claim


  • Determine who you are, where you are and where you want to be.



  • Understand that everyone you work with will have an agenda, you must learn what it is and work with it.  

    • Agenda's are never "good or bad", they are only a MEASURE of limitations.  

    • You do not have to like the people you work with.

  • Never rely on a person's "TITLE" to measure their abilities or their business model. 

    • TITLE is a generic reputation as to who other people think you are.

    • CHARACTER is who you really are. 

  • Always understand the "business model" of all sides of your challenge. 

    • The people you "pay" are not always working in your best interests. 

    • The "business model" should be vetted at the beginning.

  • Always understand the disciplines of the participants on all sides of the challenge.

  • Always understand cause, effect and collateral damage positions (multi-dimensional thinking).

    • Do not allow PRESUMPTION from any participant in YOUR efforts to "resolve" a challenge or YOU will drown. 

  • Design and Execute Your Plan of Action.

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