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TITLE is really a BUNDLE of elements in the ownership of ANY PROPERTY whether it is real estate, automobiles, airplanes, credit cards or student loans. TITLE is the essence of value in everything we are a part of.

  • "BANKSTERS" are desperately seeking ways to continue the massive cover-up of a reality which is almost too much to comprehend—they have taken actions, beginning with the creation of MERS—which have completely undermined the ownership of real property in the United States." Mildred Wilkins

Yes, it may be true that people may owe an obligation, but it is NOT TRUE that people owe it to the world; and it is NOT TRUE that people shouldn’t CHALLENGE AND DEFEND AGAINST the entity making the claim against them.  As a reasonable person, it is your responsibility and your right to ask relevant questions.

TITLE is your VALUE and specifically MUST BE suspected as “clouded” because of how “ownership” MOVES or DOESN'T MOVE from one entity to another.  REMEMBER, this is true whether the "TITLE" is part of a Auto Loan, Mortgage Loan, Student Loan or Credit Card Loan.

  • "TITLE ($) IS EVERYTHING" "There's no collateral without possession, and that is Title".  Susan Wachter, Wharton School of Business (2010)

  • "Our courts should not be collection agencies for crooks".  John Waihee, Governor of Hawaii (1986-1994), (2014)

  • "Copies of documents aren't enough to establish rights, just as copies of dollar bills won"t be honored by a bank".  Geoff Walsh, Esquire: National Consumer Law Center (Boston)

  • "Good Title Can Not Come From "Defective (BAD) Title".  Supreme Court of Massachusetts 

  • There is no statute of limitations that bars a claim to set aside a forged deed and subsequent mortgage...Fordham Law Review (2007)

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