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2010 ~ Present

​Media In General

  • Mortgage Title Fraud: A National Catastrophe - Jeff Nielson (Seeking Alpha)

  • Fraud Associated with the Foreclosure Problem in America - Mildred Wilkins

  • National Business Institute on Title Issues - Continuing Legal Education

  • Property Title Trouble in Non-Judicial Foreclosure States (Albany Law School)

  • Web of Debt - Ellen Brown, Esquire

  • MERS the Unreported Effects of Lost Chain of Title on Real Property Owners - Harbinger Analytics Group

  • The New "Wild West" of TILA Rescission: Life After Jesinoski - Thomson Reuters

  • Chain of Title (A Story of Discovery) - David Dayen

  • Defending Your Title - The American Bar Association

  • Report of the Permanent Editorial Board for the UCC: Who Owns the Note? - PEB 2011

  • Legal and Economic Issues in Litigation Arising from the 2007-2008 Credit Crisis - Harvard Center for Law, Economics and Business

  • Fannie and Freddie's Foreclosure Barons - Mother Jones

  • Testimony of Katherine Porter: Mortgage Servicing Practices - Visiting Professor of Law Harvard (2010)

  • Mortgage Servicing - Adam J. Levitin & Tara Twomey

  • Why isn't Wall Street in Jail - Victor Juhasz, Rolling Stone Magazine

  • MERS? It May Have Swallowed Your Loan - Michael Powell and Gretchen Morgenson, New York Times

  • Show Me the Note - Bradley Borden, David Reiss, Brooklyn Law School Research Papers

  • Allonges, Assignments and Endorsements - 2nd Edition Attorney Workbook Treatise and Practice Manual

  • Two Judges who Get it About Banks - Gretchen Morgenson, New York Times

  • Anatomy of Mortgage Fraud Part 1 and Part 2 - L Randall Wray, Professor of Economics

  • MERS recommended Foreclosure Procedures - MERS Corporate Offices

  • MERS eRegistry: Speed, liquidity and Security - MERS Corporate Offices

  • Why foreclosures are Happening illegally, without Correct Documentation - Lynn Szymoniak, Esquire

  • Implode-O-Meter (  

  • In Defense of "Free Houses" - Yale Law Journal

  • Clouded Titles - Dave Krieger

Hollywood Helps!
    • 2010 - Charles Ferguson: Inside Job (w/Matt Damon Narration) 

    • 2011 - Too Big to Fail (Peter Gould)

    • 2014 - 99 homes (Ramin Bahrani, Amir Naderi)

    • 2015 - The Big Short (Adam McKay, Charles Randolph)

    • 2009 - Michael Moore: Capitalism: A Love Story

    • 2019 - the Ghost Claimant (Doc Finnucci): A Real Life Theft

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