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Here is an "ADOT" (aka DD1).  Let's look at what's not so groovy with the information contained within it.  Remember, this document is recorded by the County Recorder, because it appears lawfully correct.

  • What is important to understand here, and not always generally known, is that the COUNTY RECORDER is not responsible for verifying the validity, authenticity or legitimacy of the document that is recorded. In other words, the recorder is not responsible for detecting a fraudulent document, and the recorder does not look beyond the document itself. If the document meets the essential recording requirements, and the proper fees are submitted, the county recorder is obligated to and will record the document. (Source: DRE Chief Counsel)

Here is the sample standard language of a recorded (2015) ADOT.  Notice the word "Corporate" is placed in front of "ADOT".

This is a very standard definitive document (DD) used by the "interlopers".  Its purpose is to give an illusion of ownership changes.  For this document here's the implied list of the changes that don't necessarily happen and aren't necessarily true.

  • The original alleged lender/creditor (FNBoA) has given authority to it's Nominee/Agent (MERS) to transfer a beneficial interest (lien only) in the subject property to the Trustee (DBNTCA) of a Securitized Trust (MAB) in the year 2015.

    • What do you see as suspect on the face of this document?​

We have a shelter to save.


[Season 2, Episode 2]


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